Choosing a curry can be a difficult choice to make. Most people always goes for the same dish every time they order but there are so many other options to try that you will like. We understand that customers like to play it safe with the dish they know but we can adjust any of your favourite dishes exactly to your liking? When you order online you can add any requirements into the comments box at the end of the order process, or if you need help you can call the shop on 01245 442 014 or 01245 445 227.

We’ve added a short explanation of what all the terms mean to help you understand a bit more about our food and hopefully we can help you change your mind and order something new!

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We cook many different types of Indian starters including traditional Tandoori dishes.

(Chicken/Lamb/Paneer/Smokey Barbecue)

One of the most popular dishes in the UK. Tikka is made from a mixture of aromatic spices and yogurt.

Tandoori Chicken
A popular dish from the India, Tandoori chicken is prepared by roasting chicken marinated in yoghurt and spices in a tandoori oven.

Sami Kebab
Made from a small patty of minced meat with ground chickpeas, egg to hold it together and spices.

A thin, crisp, disc-shaped food served as an appetiser with dips which often include mango chutney, lime pickle, onion chutney and raita.

A samosa is a fried dish with a savoury filling, such as minced lamb, chicken or vegetables. Indian samosas are usually vegetarian, and often accompanied by a mint chutney.

(Chicken and Aloo)

An immensely popular dish in all of India, Chat is made from fried dough, chickpeas and tangy-salty spices, with sour Indian chili and saunth (dried ginger and tamarind sauce), fresh green coriander leaves and yogurt for garnish.

Onion Bhaji
They may be served with a side of salad and slice of lemon, or with mango chutney, and are traditionally made to a mild taste. They may be served with a side of salad and slice of lemon or with mango chutney, and are traditionally made to a mild taste.

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Tandoori Breads are tradition Indian breads made in a Tandoori oven.

Naan Breads
There are many types of Naan’s available at Suraya, below is a list of them:
Keema – Stuffed with mince meat
Peswari – Stuffed with almonds and sultanas
Vegetable – Stuffed with vegetables
Garlic – Stuffed with garlic
Cheese – Stuffed with cheese
Kulcha – Stuffed with green peppers and onions
Garlic Chilli – Stuffed with garlic chilli
Chicken Tikka – Stuffed with chicken tikka

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Below is the list of our main courses and a short description of each dish. Each dish can be altered to your required taste.

Korma Dishes
(Chicken / Prawn / King Prawn / Lamb)
Once voted as England’s favourite food, Korma is a dish originating in India consisting of meat or vegetables braised with yogurt, stock and spices to produce a thick sauce or glaze.

Rezzela Dishes
(Fish / Chicken / Prawn / King Prawn / Lamb)
Rezzala is a traditional Bengal dish of meat in a thin yogurt and cardamom gravy cooked with charcoal grilled onions and peppers in a medium spiced sauce.

Massala Dishes
(Lamb / Chicken / King Prawn / Chilli Chicken)
A popular dish in the UK, massala is made with chunks of meat or fish marinated in spices and yogurt, that is then baked in a tandoor oven, and served in a massala (spice mixture) sauce.

Chicken Jalfrezi
A chicken jalfrezi involves frying marinated pieces of meat, fish or vegetables in oil and spices to produce a dry, thick sauce. The dish includes green chillies, which can make a jalfrezi from medium to very hot. Other ingredients include bell peppers, onions, cabbage, and tomatoes.

Chicken Tikka Rogen Josh
Chicken tikka rogan josh consists of pieces of chicken tikka with garlic, ginger and aromatic spices. Its characteristic deep red colour traditionally comes from dried flowers or root of Alanna tinctoria and from liberal amounts of dried, deseeded Kashmiri chilies. Rogen josh spices emphasises aroma rather than heat.

(Chicken / Chicken Tikka / Lamb / Prawn / King Prawn)
Known throughout the country a vindaloo is a very hot curry with the meat marinated in vinegar, sugar, fresh ginger and spices overnight, then cooked with the addition of more spices. It’s not the hottest curry but it’s not for the faint hearted!

(Chicken / Lamb / Prawn / King Prawn)
Madras is a fairly hot curry sauce red in colour and with heavy use of chili powder.

Available with many variations of different types of meat, prawns and vegetables, a  biriani is baked rice with mild spices served with a vegetable curry.

Balti Curry Dishes
(Chicken Tikka / Lamb Tikka / Prawns / King Prawn / Vegetable / Mixed)
Balti curries are cooked quickly over a high heat in the manner of a stir-fry, this combination differs sharply from a traditional one-pot Indian curry which is simmered slowly all day. Balti sauce is based on garlic and onions, with turmeric and garam masala among other spices.

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